Tires - The Tire Rule is Maxxis tires (for all events) unless specified otherwise. Maxxis Pink 9.00's only on the right side and Maxxis Blues on the left side.

Insufficient Funds - A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Fee must be paid before individual is allowed to return to racing.

Pit Crews - No arguing with track officials, penalty is automatic suspension 2 consecutive race weeks & could be thrown out for season. Drivers are responsible for the control and actions of their pit crew members. Unacceptable actions of crew members will subject the driver to penalty or disqualification from an event or suspension of membership privileges.

Waste Oil Barrels - have been provided for proper disposal of used oil. Any team that leaves oil in trash containers or is found to be dumping oil in any place other than those marked barrels shall be fined $50 for the first offense. Additional offense fines shall be doubled. Fines must be paid before any member of the team may compete or enter the pit area.

Trash - Everyone will be responsible for the removal of all trash from your pit area and surrounding area. Anyone found to be leaving trash in his or her pit area will be fined $5.00 for the first offense. Just place extra trash bags in your trailer so you can put your trash in or beside trashcans before you leave.

Substance Abuse - Any person on the property who has evidence of substance abuse (beer, wine, liquor or drugs) about him/her or is seen using chemical substance during a race, will be barred from the track and from participating in racing activities for an indefinite period of time, and may be fined up to $100.00.

Fights - Any person who is involved in fighting at the track or function will be immediately suspended for the remainder of the night’s events. Any person deliberately going into another competitor’s designated area in a violent or threatening manner will also be suspended. A fight shall be defined as making physical contact. Any driver, or crew member found fighting or making contact with an official will be given automatic 2 consecutive race week suspension, placed on probation and may be barred from track for remainder of year.

**Unless requested by an Elected Officer or the Race Director, NO ONE at any time is allowed past the gate of the track unless there is a scheduled event going on at that time. Anyone caught violating this rule will receive an automatic two week suspension.

Language - Any person that uses threatening, vulgar or abusive language, and gestures or any type of harassment - regardless of where he/she is in the facility is subject to a fine or suspension.

Engine Tear Down Protest – You must follow the WKA Rule Book procedures. In addition you must be a driver of the named class, and pay the fee of $225.00 to have another drivers engine taken all the way down (tech fees consist of the following $75.00 for protest fee and $150.00 toward rebuild). All protest fees must be paid in cash at the time the protest is submitted. Any and all illegal parts found in tech will become the property of Milford Go-Kart Club Inc T/A US 13 Kart Club. A Tech Disqualification cannot be used as a throw-out race. If the engine is found illegal the protestor will receive $150.00 back, if the engine is found legal the $150.00 will go to the protestee towards rebuild.

Illegal - Defined as item out of spec, not an intentional violation of WKA Rules as determined by Tech Inspector. Illegal item may be confiscated at the discretion of the Tech Inspector. 1st Offense will be loss of points for that event. 2nd Offense will be loss of points for the season depending on the illegal part or object; this will be the Race Director’s decision. Any deemed intentional violation found by the tech inspector by a competitor continually would automatically result in loss of points for that season.

Weights - All weights will be double nutted; 5 lbs you must use a 5/16 bolt, 10 lbs you must use a 3/8 bolt, 15 lbs you must use a 7/16 bolt. All weights must be painted white and have your kart number on them.

Rain-out Policy - A race event will be considered complete at the conclusion of qualifying / heat races. In the event, that some classes have completed their features those classes will be completed as of the scoring of the features. Those classes that have not completed the features will be completed as of the scoring of qualifying / heats. If the cancellation comes prior to the start of the event (no karts on track yet) the Dated Gate Tickets must be retained and may be used as full admittance to the next event.

Scoring -All numbers must be clearly visible and easy to find. Kart must have numbers on both side panels, the right side of front nose, & rear bumper panel.

Scales - All karts must weigh in after both the heat/qualification and feature. Weighing in lite for heat/qualification or failing to weigh will result in starting last for feature. Weighing in lite for feature or failure to weigh will result in disqualification. Driver must have both feet on scale and both hands on wheel.

US13 Kart Club Payoffs - Gift Certificates will be awarded to the top finishers in each class based on participation of the class. The Gift Certificates can be used at the Registration Booth.

US13 Kart Club Points – You must be a member of the Milford Go-Kart Club Inc T/A US 13 Kart Club in order to race, with an exception of the Diamond State 50 and the Friday prior to that race. All points are based on the amount of karts entered in each Class. Points will not be awarded to any class with less than 3 karts entered.

Membership - The cost of the Milford Go-Kart Club Inc T/A US 13 Kart Club Membership is $20.00. Master Member must be 18 years of age or older. Those under 18 must be an Associate Member to their parent or legal guardian at the cost of $10 annually. Master member must have a Minor release on file. A legal guardian or a Master Member who shows proof of Power of Attorney for the Associate Member must sign in associate members. At the beginning of each season the parent or legal guardian must provide the club with the actual birth certificate of each participant. The cost of participation in US 13 Kart Club Point events will be $30.00. To reserve a kart number the cost is $5 per class and you must be a member to race.

Parking Spots - Must be a current club member to reserve a parking spot. Spots are determined by the following: Previous years parking arrangement, Race Sponsors, Club Membership, and first come first serve. The Milford Go-Kart Club Inc T/A US 13 Kart Club reserves all rights to the parking spots. "Members cannot delegate parking spots for sale". New parking spots will be limited to a maximum of two (2) spots unless the member already has more than two (2) spots.

Transponders - Transponders must be returned after each race. $25 fine for anyone who leaves the racing premises with transponder. The replacement cost of a Transponder is $250.00.

Disqualification's & Points - In the event a driver is disqualified from his/her class for unsportsmanlike conduct in the form of physical and/or verbal abuse that driver will be penalized in the manner that has been set forth, and they may NOT use that race in his or her respective points series as a drop race. Their suspension time will start from the next calendar week and run consecutively. Race Director has complete responsibility for authorizing disqualification's and suspensions. If an appeal is requested it must be presented in writing to the Board at the next Board of Directors meeting. No special meetings will be set.

Fines & Disciplinary Policies – Any fines accumulated during a race season must paid in full before you race at the next event. Determined offense will be decided by the board according to the severity of action i.e. Profanity, arguing, disturbance, etc…. Any of the fines or disciplinary action is subject to change due to the severity of the offense. 1st Offense will be $100.00 fine and/or 30 day probation or suspension. 2nd Offense will be a $200.00 fine and a written letter with a 30-day suspension. 3rd Offense will be immediate suspension from the property for the remainder of the season. Each year will begin a new year for offenses, unless a time-lined suspension is involved. The board has the right to punish repeat offenders at their digression.

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