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The start times for the Battle @ the Beach series will be:
 gates open at 7am & practice will start at 9am!!
Thank you!

Race #3 of the "Battle At The Beach" series
Battle @ the Beach race #3 lineup.

Segment 1
Animal Super Heavy
Jr Unrestricted
Stock Flathead
Jr1 Heavy
Jr3 Heavy
Animal Heavy
Jr1 Rookie
Senior Stock - Animal
Pro Stock Flathead
Jr Stars
Jr2 Heavy
Pro Animal

Segment 2
Semi Pro Clone
Pro Jr3
Jr1 Rookie - Trophy
Clone Heavy
Pro Jr2
Jr Stars
Pro Clone Warmup
Pro Jr1
Pro Clone

**Clone gas needs to be purchased at Wawa which is located 1/2 mile south of track!

Gates open @ 7am
Practice start @ 9am

*Jr Stars- red plate clone w/small pipe
*Jr1 rookie- purple plate animal or green plate clone w/big pipe
*Jr1 - purple plate animal or green plate clone w/ big pipe
*Jr2- blue plate animal or purple plate clone w/small pipe
*Jr3- gold plate animal or blue plate clone w/big pipe
*Jr Unrestricted- clone with small pipe **Please note the weight is now 320lbs**

See everyone at the track!!
***Battle @ the Beach race #3 presented by US13 Kart Club***

**July 19, 2015**

*FIRECRACKER 50 pro clone- $3013 to win / $85 entry fee

*Pro Animal- $1000 to win / $75 entry fee

*Clone heavy warm up- $1000 to win / $75 entry fee

*Pro Flathead- $500 to win / $55 entry fee

*Semi Pro clone- 500 to win / $55 entry fee

*Pro Jr 1, Pro Jr 2, & Pro Jr 3- $1000 to win / $ entry fee

--Plus points classes
--Jr stars and Jr rookie exhibition trophy classes!!