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Carey's Towing
*Racing Recycling Program
The US13 Kart Club will be implementing a new "Racing Recycling" program. Four aluminum can recycling bins will be placed at each corner of the track for aluminum cans. Those cans will be recycled at the end of the season. Half of the money will go towards track improvements and the other half will be awarded to a Jr. racer that attends the 2013 banquet. Please try to take part in this important program and help keep the track clean at the same time.
Track Hotline
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        Thank You To All Of Our Racers For A Great Racing Season

*2014 Schedule
The schedule for the 2014 racing season has been posted. This year, all points races will be held on Friday nights. We will also be having four money races in addition to the Diamond State 50. These races will be for money only and no points will be awarded on those nights.

All of our points champions of classes that average five or more karts during the 2014 season will be receiving a Championship Leather Jacket from A-D Leathers along with other awards at the year end banquet. You must race at least half of the points races to be eligible for year end awards.

Also for the 2014 racing season, our Friday night points series will be a Maxxis National transfer series. Everyone who finishes in the top ten in points will receive an invite to this years Maxxis Nationals.
*Race Monitor
We will be using Race Monitor again this year to give our racers and spectators the ability to view live timing. Race Monitor is available on your phones Play Store or App Store. Please remember that we offer this as a convenience to our racers and that the official timing of the US13 Kart Club is the MyLaps scoring system in the tower.
*Racing Photos @ Diamond State Race
Bruce Walls of Action Enterprises will be at the track for this years Diamond State race. Photos will be available for viewing and purchasing at the race. Photos can be found by clicking here.
*Thank You
We would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the 7th annual Diamond State Race.
A special thank you to the racers. You guys and gals put on one heck of a show and we truly appreciate each and every one of you for coming.
We would also like to thank all of our great sponsors. With out your generosity, a race like this would not be possible.
*Congratulations To Our Diamond State Race Winners

Pee-Wee National - Logan Shockley
Jr.1 - Jayden Johnson
Pro Jr.1 - Brandon Kelly
Jr.2 - Trent Reed
Pro Jr.2 - Garrett Himmighoefer
Jr.3 - Evan Dennis
Pro Jr.3 - Devin Dodson
Animal Super Heavy - Mike Stratton
Pro Animal Super Heavy - Mike Stratton
Pro Outlaw - Mike Stratton
Flathead 370 - Ty Bass
Pro Flathead - Ty Bass
Clone 375 - Zach Bullis
Pro Clone - Alex White
Animal 375 - Alex White
Pro Animal 375 - Alex White